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Why does it seem like everyone is just collectively terrible at driving all the time? I can’t go anywhere these days without someone doing something so incredibly infuriating that it makes me question the whole “driving is fun” thing in the first place. How can driving be fun when terrible humans who can’t maneuver a basic lane change suck all the joy out of it?


When I lived in Michigan, I thought it was just Michigan drivers. Then I moved to Texas and thought it was just Texas drivers. Now I live in Pennsylvania, and those drivers are awful, too. It’s an epidemic. And I know you unfortunate souls have experienced it, too.

We want to know what you think is the most infuriating, frustrating, horrible thing that other drivers do on the road. What are the things that leave you clenching the wheel, willing yourself to chill the hell out because you still have an hour of commuting left?


I have a laundry list of annoyances, but since I don’t want to steal anyone’s ideas, I’m going to start with a problem that plagues my apartment complex (and is in fact happening right now as I write this blog) that is not necessarily related to driving. I absolutely despite people who use their car alarm to find their cars.

Now, it’s totally justified in some cases. If you’re lost as hell and have no idea where you parked, I get it. If you’re still figuring out your parking structure, I understand. But the absolutely horrific humans in my complex turn on their alarms as soon as they walk out the door. They don’t even make an effort to find it first! They turn on the alarm and let their kids run willy-nilly toward the sound, only turning it off when the last straggler makes their way to the door! They turn it on, then stop and have a conversation with Janet from down the hall while she turns on her car alarm! There are three whole cars in the parking lot at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, and someone has their car alarm on as they walk out to the car!

It’s horrible. It tests my patience to the extent that every morning when someone’s car alarm wakes me up at 5am, I focus all my energy into hoping that all of the key fob batteries in my complex simultaneously die, leaving everyone to find their goddamn car the old-fashioned way: with their eyes.

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