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With the amount of time we all spend on the road and the sheer number of people who have no idea what they’re doing, or even nature messing with us, it’s inevitable that some wild stuff can happen. Last week, we asked you to share your most unbelievable experiences on four wheels. And good lord, have y’all blown my mind.


Like Lightning (HammerheadFistpunch)

This would have been awesome to see, in every sense of the word.


Party in the Back (bopacker)

This thing! Oh god, they’re already out in the wild!

Trailer Danger (rockmpls)

I-94 sounds like one hell of an adventure.


Road Less Traveled (1995droptopz)

The odds of this have gotta be, like, one in a million.


The Buck Stops Here (FijiST)

Holy shit.


Wayward Pedestrian (E34less, no with added E28)

As a college kid—college kids are dumb.


A Whole New World (Stephen)

I gotta see this in person.


Frat-tastic (marshknute)

Once, I saw three frat dudes on one Ruckus scooter. They were all wearing sparkly crop tops. They were also all not touching each other, at all, in the slightest.


Screenager (Geph_knows_best)



Getting Militant (E39Geek)

If there’s one way to go, I guess that’d be a pretty cool one.

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