What's The Most Impressive Transportation Graveyard?

Until we can instantly recycle all of our planes, trains, and automobiles into giant shredder/recycler/3D-printer machines, we will have huge machine graveyards. Which one is most impressive?

While I'm sure you can find some truly massive plane and ship graveyards, I'm always fascinated by Corvair Ranch in Pennsylvania. History has not been kind to the "Unsafe At Any Speed" Chevy, but the more the general population scorns the car, the harder its devotees cling to its rear-engined/rear-wheel-drive obsolescence. You get fanatics and die-hards, and you get hoarding on a massive scale, like these 600+ rusty old Corvairs in the woods.


What do you think is the most impressive machine graveyard? Anything goes, just stick to transportation and infrastructure machinery.

Photo Credit: Corvair Ranch

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