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What's The Most Iconic Car Moment In Movie History?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Most Iconic Car Moment In Movie History?

Sometimes it's just one shot, just one moment that defines a car in movie history.


We're doing a week of questions and AOTDs inspired by the Jalopnik Film Festival, so if you have movie-related posts you'd like to see you can also suggest them below and if you haven't already buy tickets here.


Plenty of people will tell you about the Bullitt chase as one of the best moments in car/movie history. I'd argue that a single shot of that green fastback airborne over the streets of San Francisco is all it took - just that one moment defined the car.

What single moment most sticks out to you when it comes to cars and movies?

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Photo Credit: Bullitt/Warner Bros.

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Doc Brown's Delorean.

EDIT: Here is the scene... (props to Professor-Lavahot)

Next question.