Today we found out that the most normal car in the world would be a white Toyota Corolla with a stick shift. So that begs the question - what would be the most abnormal car in the world?

The idea comes from Masterballaster Spiegelblaster, Lord of Weights and Measures, who came up with this proposition.

So by that logic, the extreme opposite of this would be a black, American made, American sold, American produced, fixed gear transmission that runs on electricity...

ForSweden made a counterproposal.

The extreme opposite would be a green, American* made, Oceania sold, Oceania produced, automatic transmission that runs on propane.

*I think the info graphic considers any Ford to be American made.

Given that this is all very broad what exactly constitutes abnormal, or at least 'opposite from a white, manual Corolla,' go nuts with your proposals and be sure to include a justification.

Photo Credit: Toyota