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What's The Coolest Camper Ever Made?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Coolest Camper Ever Made?

There's something wonderful about being able to fit everything you need for a massive road trip in one ingeniously designed camper van.


I'm usually a sports car guy. I like my cars light and nervous and direct. But I also love being on the road for days, going out into the wilderness, and living off what you can pack.

I've always managed in some old station wagon or SUV, but I dream of camper vans like the new Westfalia Nugget, built out of a Ford Transit. It's like an amazingly packed mini-apartment, only one that could drive across the country. Or through the northern reaches of Scandinavia. Or whatever other huge road trip you could plan. It's also called the Nugget, which is awesome.


What do you think is the most ingenious, creative, fantastic camper ever put on the road? Bonus points go to factory outfitting, off-roadability, and surprising details.

Photo Credit: Westfalia

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well obviously Terrawind

Also, worst marketing department ever.