What's The Cheapest Thing You Can Do To Make Your Car Better?

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Maybe you don't need those aftermarket LED headlights. Maybe you don't need those custom forged wheels. Maybe you don't need that hand-trimmed leather interior. Maybe there's a more cost-efficient way too improve your car.


Sometimes you can miss the simple, little stuff that your car needs by focusing on big-budget, flashy mods. Maybe you don't need to order new suspension for all four corners of your car when it really just needs an alignment.

What do you think is the cheapest thing you can do to make a genuine, noticeable improvement on your car? And don't forget, there's going to be a particular kind of person who will be looking for this advice, so perhaps tailor your answer for the most budget-minded car owner you know.


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Brian, The Life of

Better tires. The difference between the cornering performance/feel of my humble Fusion with the original tires from the factory vs. the Eagle GTs that I replaced them with is astounding. Tires should always be your first move.