What's The Best Way You've Taken A Ticket?

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Today we heard about a 22-year-old guy who got arrested for mailing in his speeding ticket fee with the some less-than-savory words printed up top. Have you ever tried something like it?


Brian, The Life of did go for a similar tactic, though he never ended up getting arrested for it. His affair went pretty well, actually.

This case is just nuts but it reminds me of something similar I did in grad school. I lived in Monterey, CA at the time and was in neighboring Pacific Grove parked on the street near the Cannery, an indoor mall type thing built out of a converted cannery (naturally) in the famous Cannery Row area. The parking was limited to one hour, IIRC. I went out before the time was up and moved my car up 7-8 spaces to an empty spot. When I came back out ~45 minutes later, I had a $55 ticket for exceeding the allowed time. I naturally appealed the bogus ticket and was denied by the mindless bureaucrats in Parking Enforcement. Since I was a starving student at the time, a $55 was a big deal and I was steaming with righteous indignation.

Defeated and resigned to the fact that this would be a Ramen month, I filled out my check as follows:

Pay to the order of: Heartless, Soulless Nazi Meter Maids from Hell

Amount: Fifty-five and not a penny more

Memo: Get a life!!!

I then accordion-folded my check as small as I could, put it in the payment envelop and sent it in. This was back when many banks still returned the actual check to you after it cleared. I knew the amount was deducted from my account but found it odd that about two months passed without receiving the cleared check back with the other I'd written. Finally three months after the fact, I get the check back. The accordion fold creases were still very apparent and the check had what appeared to be a number of holes in top center edge. Apparently they found the whole thing funny and had my check displayed in the break room or something before returning it.

What's the best way you've ever taken a ticket, either when you got stopped, or when you mailed in the fee?

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I got a parking ticket on my last exam on my last day of college, I just put the check in the envelope and filled it with corn flakes. Nothing fancy.