What's The Best Route For Driving Crosscountry?

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Summer is creeping upon us and the idea of driving across the country re-emerges in our minds. What’s your favorite route?


My old mountain climbing dentist recently asserted to me that I should make my way across towards the north, hit Grand Teton, shoot down for Zion and the Southwest, then venture north again through the Pacific Northwest with the goal of making it to the Olympic Peninsula. As he explained, the land across the water from Seattle is the closest thing to the ecology of New Zealand in the country. Beaches like Shi Shi Beach pictured above, giant ferns in rainforests, the whole deal.

He also insisted that I should not spend less than six to eight weeks on the trip. Otherwise I just wouldn’t have time to enjoy it.


What’s your favorite route for going crosscountry?

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As Du Volant

Route 66. Yeah, it doesn’t go all the way across the country, but most of the way. It’s been realigned and rerouted many times over the years but there are plenty of guides online for following a route as close to the original as possible.