My best friend and his wife just had their first baby. Little Ari is healthy, adorable and hasn't even bothered to barf on me yet. Anyhow, currently they are a single car family and that car is an old 2-door Ford Explorer. Naturally, new mommy insanity concern has wifey pants thinking differently about all that rollover stuff she used to let go through one ear and out the other. Plus, the baby seat doesn't anchor properly in the Ford. As a result of me existing in the form of who I am, I was asked to help them buy a new car. Here are the parameters. Must be about $16,000, SAFE, decent on gas and not too large. I immediately said, "Subaru Impreza! Or, maybe a Mazda3." But, I am realized that I am a pretty biased dude. As a result, I have decided to enlist the help of the funniest looking smartest group of online gearheads on the webs, the Jalopnik readers. Keeping in mind that they don't want a minivan (or even a Rondo), what do you think? And of course, you have all weekend to think.

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