It’s summer! Well, it’s close enough to summer. And unless you’re in the parched, arid hellscapes of my beloved SoCal, summer probably means that you’re going to be putting on your speedos/bikini and getting into some sexy, soapy hose fights as you wash your car. Weirdly, car washing seems to be full of myths and weird ideas — what’s your favorite?

I’ve always been a fan of the using Coca-Cola to get rid of rust myth, partially because I believe it’s at least partially true. It’s never dissuaded me from drinking Coke — why should it? I don’t want a rusty esophagus, after all, right?

‘Rusty esophagus’ sounds like some disgusting euphemism, now that I type it.

Anyway, let’s hear some good car washing myths/realities/tips/whatever. Does Dawn really strip wax? Can you get chlamydia from sucking on used car wash sponges? Can you wash a car in direct starlight? I want to know!

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