Sure, we’re gearheads, but many of us are humans as well, which means we’ve very likely loved and lost and most likely have a few awkward ex-relationship partners floating around out there. So what car would you most like your ex to see you in to make them that just right amount of jealous?

Now, it may not be just jealousy you’re going for — there’s likely a very subtle stew of regret, remorse, fondness, desire, guilt, and probably thirty or so other emotions you’d really like to evoke, and there’s likely some perfect car to do just that.

For me, it’d be a toss-up: for one ex, I think I’d just like to clatter by in my old Beetle, defiantly showing that yes, I still had that same old car and I don’t need anything more modern or boring. That’s more defiance than jealousy. For full jealousy, there’s an ex I’d like to blow by in the amazing propeller-driven Helicron (more on that soon!).

She knows why.

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