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What's The Best Car No One Asked For?

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Okay, so the world is getting a convertible Evoque. Neat! I guess. It's weird, but you know at least some people will buy it. Plus, we like weird cars because they're better than boring cars.


Every now and then automakers try to fill a niche that didn't really exist before, or give us a car we didn't ask for. Sometimes they're terrible, sometimes they're pretty badass. What are the best cars nobody asked for?


I love that the Mercedes GLA45 AMG exists, especially in the bonkers trim with the spoiler and boy racer wheels. No one really asked for an entry-level Mercedes crossover with an engine that insane, but we have one now, and it's delightfully nuts.

What other amazing cars filled a white space (sorry) in the market that previously didn't exist?

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Renault Clio V6

"Hey, let's take a tiny econobox, stuff a monster V6 in the back where all that cargo space used to be, make it rear wheel drive, have it snap oversteer like a monster, and have it not be eligible for any racing series" - Some guy at Renault, apparently.

Thank you, stupid insane Renault executive.

(11 years until you can import them into the US... goddamnit NHTSA, hurry up and harmonize the stupid safety rules)