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A few years ago, Range Rover showed a concept for an Evoque Convertible. We all shared a good hearty laugh, but we also knew that in the back of our minds they were going to build this thing. Guess what? They just announced that they will build it. They'll sell 59 billion of them.


The Evoque Convertible is the latest car confirmed for production from the Geneva Motor Show. The Evoque is already handsome, and without a top, that doesn't really change all that much. It actually looks rather good.


Of course, the Evoque is actually rather good off of the roads, or off road, to the layperson. But that's par for the course, every Range Rover is great off road.

The unfortunate thing is that these Evoque convertibles will only leave the tarmac when they crash after leaving a Beverly Hills high school and/or shopping mall, presumably because the driver was on the phone.

Even Land Rover shows off the Evoque Convertible off-roading in an urban environment, the sort of place that someone who believe the navigation is always right would get lost.

So, if you really liked the Murano Cross Cabriolet but wanted to spend more money on one, here is your better looking alternative.

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