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When people talk about car movies, they go on endlessly about stuff like Bullitt and The Fast and the Furious and Gone In 60 Seconds. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there are other car movies worth talking about as well.

(In advance of the Jalopnik Film Festival we're doing a week of posts focused on cars and films. Remember, you can still buy tickets here.)


So here's our question for the day: What is the best car movie no one has heard of?

The David Carradine classic Death Race 2000 comes to mind for me, but it might be a bad example. Lots of people have heard of it, but I would argue that not nearly enough people have seen it.

Frankly, I love that movie so much I believe it should be required viewing in America's public schools. It's not the most obscure movie ever, but it is rather cult and underrated.


Your turn, folks. What's the greatest unknown car flick of all time? Let's see what you dig out of the vault!

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