What's The Best Car For A Super Drunk Passenger?

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You're super sloshed. Like, mega trashed. Humongo-hammered. You've wisely given your keys to your sober buddy, but here comes the question: what car do you want to be riding in?


I should say that a lot of this is down to the driver, which is why I had to clean puke off of my parents' old Volvo 240 wagon with a five speed when my friend drove me and two girls home and he still wasn't exactly great with a manual and well, let's just forget that ever happened).

But the question of the car is an interesting one. You might want a car that's soft, like an old Lincoln Town Car. But maybe that's too soft, and would wallow like a bot. Not great. Maybe you want something with low doors, like a Miata, that'd be easy to puke out of if need be. But then that would probably be very stiff and that wouldn't be great either.

So we want something that's soft and comfy, but not too comfy, but pretty open, but not too rough, with bodywork and and an interior that's easy to clean.

What do you think? If you were drunk, what car would you want to ride in?

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Davos Swinney

Honda Element. You can puke and just hose it out.