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Seeing as how today is Father's Day, I figured it's time for something all dads love – practical advice. So far we have determined a Lotus, a Nissan, a Fiat, a Bentley, a Wienermobile, a Ford, a Ford, a Porsche, and a Volkswagen will all Baby to some degree. But is there one car you'd recommend above all others?


I've never driven it, but a Volvo C30 Polestar seems like a great car for a new dad on paper. It's a 250 horse shooting brake, which should be both fun and practical, important things for someone who doesn't want to give up youth, but also has to haul around a diaper bag. Plus it doesn't cost a huge amount, as it started at around $25,500.


And it's probably cheaper now, if you can find one.

On the other hand, our review found that it wasn't actually an extreme amount of fun, except in a straight line. So there's that. But hey, being a parent is all about sacrifice, right? Especially being a new one. And it's a Volvo, so, ya know, "safety."

What do you think is the best car for a new father? Or, if you are a new father, which is the car you wish you had (with reason, of course)?

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