What's The Best Car For A Dog Owner?

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Because he belongs to an auto journalist, my dog gets to ride in cool-ass cars all the time. Not many canines get to hang out in a Fiat 500 Abarth one week and a Dodge Charger R/T the next. He doesn't even care, though. He just curls up in the back and goes to sleep.

While Jason has to ask "Will it Baby?," my question is always "Will it Dog?" Fortunately, my dog is a 10 pound chihuahua/asshole mix, so he'll fit pretty much anywhere. But some dog owners have to put more thought into the cars they buy.

So that's our question for the day — what's the best car for a dog owner?

One of my old bosses had a 200+ pound mastiff, so her Honda Element was a great choice. The giant dog fit quite nicely in the back, and I can imagine its dog hair could be washed off the car's rubber floor with ease.


I also have to hand it to Subaru. They're actively working to make cars safer for dogs. My dog used to love to climb into my lap when I was driving my WRX, so he must have been a fan too.

Your turn. What's the best car to own when you have a dog?

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Honda Element. Easy for dogs to jump in and out, plenty of room, and no carpet equals easy clean up of hair or motion sickness.