What's The All-Time Ugliest Grille?

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There's been a trend in the automotive design community towards hideously ugly grilles, either as a statement of corporate identity or as a one-off F.U. to the world. What's the all-time ugliest grille on a production vehicle?

We don't have to reach too far into the past to pick out the Mitsuoka Orochi. The vehicle already looks like the skeleton of some prehistoric monster fish, and the half-open smirking metal teeth on the Orochi's tiny grille are the part of the vehicle that haunts are dreams. It's going to get us. The tiny Toyota V6 under the hood is just powerful enough that we wouldn't be able to outrun it as it would slowly creep up behind. When we wake up screaming in the middle of the night the word we're screaming is OROCHI!


But that's our affliction. What do you consider to be the ugliest production grille OF ALL TIME!

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Winner, winner chicken dinner.

There is such a thing as too much chrome on too big of a grille, and the current Lincoln Navigator is proof.