If you haven't seen this week's blisteringly fast episode of Top Gear already and you plan on doing so without having plot details spoiled, you should probably ignore this post in its entirety. The rest of you should hit the jump.

On top of this week's star in a reasonably priced car snagging himself a whopper of a run around the track (click here to see where Jay Kay ended up on the board), The Stig whipping the Gumpert Apollo around the same track for a similarly monster run (click here to see where the Gumpert Apollo ended up on the board) and some hot Brit-on-German action with Sabine Schmitz and Tim Schrick, our main man James May had a chance to drive what we now believe to be the ugliest car in all the world. Yes, yes, we know the Mitsuoka Orochi snagged second place rather than the top spot on our list of the top ten ugliest foreign cars currently for sale, but after seeing it on the road in the above segment we think we may need to change our minds.


We fear the Orochi is what happens when you let a sushi chef design a car using his favorite fish as inspiration. The result, as you can see above, is positively revolting. But the ugly isn't just skin deep. It's slow; powered by a six from Toyota with an anemic 230 HP. The ride's apparently soft and rubbish. Predictably, May absolutely loved it. Hold on a moment while we run off to vomit. If you're able to stand it, there's a gallery below. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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