What's So Loud It's Causing Katy Perry To Make This Face?

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Katy Perry is used to some loud sound, but she wasn't prepared for the howl of 24 Formula One engines right past her ears. Here she is getting her eardrums blown out in Singapore, and we think she liked it.

Formula One's traditional super-glamorous event is in Monaco, but now that the South of France is full of trashy Russian gangsters, F1 is moving its fashion center to Singapore. That's why they have a music festival the same weekend as the race (the only night race in F1), and that's why Katy Perry — and Maroon 5 and Noel Gallagher — were there.


Formula One engines make so much noise on frequencies you can't even hear that they quickly cause permanent damage to your eardrums. We'd bet that somebody gave Katy earplugs and she just took them out. She is a rock star after all.

For those of you out there who have never heard the skull-rattling sound of F1 cars screaming past, this little clip below should give you a small idea of what it's like.

The bubblegum popster didn't seem to mind much and went on to do a typically-huge set that night, done up in Lichtenstein/Speed Racer style. Hot.

Photo Credit: Assciated Press, Getty Images

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Katy Perry... "rock star"? Really? "Vacuous Disney pop bubblegum whore" is more like it...