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What's Life Really Like With A Drift Car?

You stuck a V8 in your old Nissan. You learned how to drift. Now what? What’s life as a drifter really like?


Driver Reese Marin and shooter Michael Russo shot this little short film covering all of Marin’s 2014 season. They’re keeping things going in the 2015 season, hitting No Star Bash, East Coast Bash, Clubloose North Bash, and Maple Leaf Bash.


They’re calling it Ride The Wave and it’s like a skate vid, but for cars.

If you’re wondering what the grassroots drifting scene is like, look no further.

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From the people I know with drift cars, life with a drift car is mostly: buy tyres, buy more tyres, get some more tyres, check how much money is left, buy some tyres.