What's It Like Racing A $500 Porsche 928 Shooting Brake?

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First thing you need to know: the Members Only Porsche 928 LeMons car isn't a factory shooting brake; the freaks at Evil Genius Racing made that engine-turned roof themselves.

Here's some in-car video from the Members Only car last weekend (before it was knocked out of the race with a rod knock), showing a dramatic battle between the 928, the Scuderia Flatpack (Some Assembly Required) V8olvo, and the U.S. BureauCRAP Nissan Maxima. All three cars show remarkably similar performance as they roar around Thunderhill Raceway, and along the way you'll get a nice tour of many of the Arse Freeze's more interesting entrants, including the Über Bird, the Saleen Renault Alliance, and the IOE-winning Purple Lemon Racing VW Beetle.


A lesson to those who think that going fast is the key to winning LeMons: all three of these super-quick machines were knocked out of contention over the course of the weekend; the 928's engine went kablooey, the Maxima was buried under an avalanche of black flags, and the V8olvo went onto its roof. 74th, 104th, and 27th place, respectively. OK, let's watch the video now:

Here's another video showing some "close call" highlights. The action never stops on a LeMons track!


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Jonathan Harper

That porsche looks advanced.

In a complex sort of way.

I like it.