It's hard to believe it now, but, according to this ad for Mag Star wheels, there was once a time where people were cross-shopping a new set of mag wheels or a pair of pants. I've foregone things to save up for car parts before, but I don't think I've ever had to deal with shredded pants as part of the deal.

I found this ad in a June 1968 Hot Rod magazine, and I really love that this company, Kelsey-Hayes, is actually trying to convince people to wear hobo-grade pants so they can get a fancy set of Mag Star wheels. This brings up a few questions:

• Did a pair of pants cost about as much as a full set of new sport wheels back in 1968? Was the US suffering from a major pants embargo from the People's Republic of Trouserstan?


• Are they really suggesting that you can use your car as an effective pants-replacement device?

• What's this guy doing to his ass that's tearing up his pants? Are his Mustang's seats upholstered in sandpaper?

Still, that Mustang does look pretty good with those wheels.