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What's Faster: A Corvette ZR1 Or A Turbo Vette?

Which is faster: the legendary Corvette ZR1 of the '90s, or the twin turbo Callaway Corvette? The straight-laced folks at Motorweek went to find out.


We adore both of these cars. The ZR1 for being in our Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, and the Callaway for looking like it was pulled straight off of the cover of an old Trapper Keeper.

Invariably, the winner of the test is Motorweek itself, for tracking these cars in the pouring rain.


MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program. How does this video only have 70,033 views on YouTube? It's badass!

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I have never been able to find a good video of a Callaway Sledgehammer. Someone should find one, and then Jalopnik should make a post about it.