What Would You Drive If You Were A Saint?

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Ya'll must know a lot of assholes, because when we asked you what you'd drive if you were one there were 850 responses. Let's balance the scales, eh? What would you drive if you were a saint?


Note, I'm saying what would you drive if you were a saint not the Saint, unless you think a saint would drive a vintage Volvo — a completely reasonable response. I'm operating on the theory that saints are actually not that far apart from hippies, with the former getting their kicks by helping people and the latter just trying to "like, experience the color of the universe, man."

Both tend to live cheaply, both value the environment, neither bathes very often, and both are constantly going off on diatribes about their philosophies. It's for this reason I think a bio-diesel VW Microvan is the choice of the truly sainted. It's old and relatively cheap (more money for world relief). It doubles as a living space when doing work in the developing world. With the biodiesel option, you can raise your own algae fuel or whatever. It's also large enough to pick up hitchhikers, injured birds, abandoned tires.

It's the people wagon for selfless people.

Make the Penguin proud and pick the right holy roller.

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Jonathan Harper

Which one is the saint?

You tell me, I know who I think it is.