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What Would Noam Drive?

Illustration for article titled What Would Noam Drive?

Why, a custom van, of course! And, man, the onion-like layers of conceptual heaviosity involved with this painting; since our commenters are a bunch of Wittgenstein-quoting theorists, we're sure Brandon Bird's Signifier and Signified will be food for some serious thought this fine Wednesday morning. Thanks to Teargas for the tip! []


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Don't know much about this Chomsky fellow. Sounds "polarizing". Michael Moore drives a AWD Dodge Caravan. Late 90's maybe early 2000's.

Seriously. Really nice guy too, apparently. I didn't meet him. His wife seemed nice. She acknowledged me, which is more than my family usually does. She had a RX300 (I think, little Lexus SUV thing).