Commenter of the Day: Fighting Absurdity with Absurdity Edition

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I was chatting up with the Postfather today about the quality of our readers versus the quality of readers on another car-themed site that is going to remain oh so nameless. Spin thought the other site wasn't so bad, to which I replied, "Our guys look like a Wittgenstein forum stacked side by side." Our conversation then devolved into:

[13:55] Loverman: l0l wtF!?
[13:55] Spin: sukit n00b!
[13:56] Loverman: woot! Woot!
[13:56] Spin: ; 0>
[13:56] Spin: whoops
[13:56] Spin: here's the french guy again
[13:56] Spin: { ; 0>

What does this have to do with today's winning Commenter? Good question...

Today's winner is none other than that wily rascal LTDScott. He made it in regards to Spin's post about the Maybach 62 Landaulet, a car so tastelessly crass that even the super rich are sure to love it. Here's what Scott said:

Bets on whether we'll see one of these running around Altamont Speedway in 10 years with a Hitler mannequin sitting in the back?


Could not have said it better myself. In fact, within the next year, I doubt I will say anything approaching half that good. Our flannel hats with the side parts that fold down over your ears off to you, dude. sukit n00b!

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Is it just me, or does the big one kinda looks like that Heico Sportiv C30 at SEMA? Gaudy inexplicable tattoos, orangy tint, odd posture... hmmm...