What Would Make The Best American Rally Car?

Snow, slush, ice, mud, tornadoes and windstorms have led to less-than-stellar driving conditions in many parts of the country. It's not even safe to be driving a giant wiener. When the driving conditions get bad in this country we generally turn to trucks and sport-utlitly-vehicles for help. But there's a magical place, a place called "the rest of the world." And people who live in this mysterious land see a muddy road and think Ford Escort instead of Jeep Wrangler, Peugeot 205 instead of Chevy Tahoe and Renault Clio instead of Ford F-150. These are the people with the Spirit of the Rally.


While we've had a bit of a renaissance with the American rally racing seen, it's sad to see that most of the cars are not America. We may have great American drivers, like Travis Pastrana, but he still drives a deer dodging Subaru WRX STI. Though you'll see the odd Camaro at rallying events, it's still a sport dominated by everyone else. We think if you're going to have a great renaissance of the American rally, you're going to need a great American car to do it. But what car? We leave that to you to decide. (h/t to Franzouse for the inspiration)

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