What Would It Take To Get You To Buy A Flat-Pack Truck?

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Today we heard about a prototype truck for Africa that you and your best buds can build in 11.5 hours. What would it take to get you behind the wheel?


For reader eaglescout1984, nothing. He stated, "2.2 ton capacity, covered cargo area, has seats built in in the bed AND you get to build it yourself? futuramafrytakemymoney.jpg."


Reader Alex Murel needed to have his gears greased a bit more before he made the plunge.

I need one of these in my life. I dont know why or what I would use it for, but I need one...take out that 2.2 diesel, drop a BMW V10 in the bed and connect it straight to the rear wheels. I don't see any way this could go wrong.


He went on to make a rough cost estimate.

Ok, so it's ~15k for the truck and a BMW V10 costs about 37k, so I'm thinking ditch the German money hole and drop in an LS6 from a 'Vette some douche crashed and then spend the savings on a new transmission. Jalopnik Kickstarter?


Sounds like a plan. What engine swap/deregulation effort/paint job would it take to get you to buy one of these DIY trucks?

Photo Credit: BMW, Global Vehicle Trust