Last night I ate dinner two tables away from SNL's Bill Hader at Lansky's Deli. Since it would've been horribly rude to interrupt Les Grossman's crony mid-Beck's to ask, we'll ask you: What kind of car would Bill Hader drive?

Our answer? We've no idea. The Mogwai-voiced SNL star hailed a taxi on his way out of the Deli. But what should he be driving? More importantly, why? (By all means Bill, please feel free to email us your own suggestion on what you should be driving.)

On a side note — Carnegie Deli's a tourist trap. Don't go there. Lansky's is much better, cheaper and cleaner. To prove the point, here's three Lansky's delicacies I plan to try before I die (likely, given this list, from over-ingestion of animal fat) or I move from midtown:

1.) The massive "Jackpot Sandwich," a merger of meat and cheese bigger than my head.
2.) The foot-long deep-fried garlic hot dog.
3.) Happy hour-only $1.50 filet sliders and a side of fried twinkies.

Take that Carnegie Deli.

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Photo Credit: Zimbio