What Would A $72 Million Car Look Like?

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F1's chief muppet Bernie Ecclestone made the news in business circles for buying a Gulfstream G650 jet for $65 million then re-selling it for $72 million. And that makes me think, new cars just aren't expensive enough.

I mean, the most expensive new car you can order now is one of the McLaren P1/Porsche 918/Ferrari LaFerrari trio. None of those even break the $2 million barrier. A Lamborghini Veneno cost more than $4 million, but all of those are accounted for.


There is clearly a small market of billionaires who can spend $72 million dollars on a vehicle. The problem is there's no new car in the world today that can justify that price (though classic cars come close with the $52 million Ferrari 250 GTO).

So my question is what would a $72 million car look like? What would it have that would make it worth its price?


Photo Credit: Syd Mead for US Steel via Carstyling.ru

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