Since we first heard of the possibility of a Mini SUV, dubbed by many the Mini Crossman that we saw debut in Paris, there has been speculation over the name. We thought this was all settled when they didn't officially name it the Crossman, but apparently enthusiast wishes now appear to hold no sway with automakers. You'd have thought we'd have learned after the whole G8 El Camino debacle, right? Anyway, According to GoAuto, BMW's global sales and marketing chief said "I can assure you it won't be known by that name." This brings us back to square one. So what will they call it? We'll walk you through the possibilities below.
Mini Maxi One possibility that GoAuto floated by BMW, with no affirmative or negative response, was the name Maxi, as in the Austin Maxi five-door developed by Sir Alec Issigonis. While this may have some impact on British buyers, for a world car it just sounds wrong to us. Would your garage then be the Mini Maxi pad? Mini Monte The Jalopnik-preferred name is the Mini Monte, which is what we originally thought it would be called. This would reach back into Mini's Monte Carlo rallye heritage and appeal to people named Monte at the same time. Mini Colorado We'd heard before that the Mini could be named the Colorado, at least in early project form, though that may not have the appeal in the US market where there is already something called the Colorado. Mini Globetrotter No one at all is suggesting this name, but the use of the Mini Globe coupled with the awesomeness that is the Harlem Globetrotters makes for a pretty sweet name. [GoAuto via eGMCarTech]