Mini Monte in Sight

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With Mini's product line set to expand faster than a midwesterner's waistline via the Tropicana buffet's bacon station, the UK's AutoExpress offers shots of the next addition lightly disguises. It's the Clubman-bodied Mini Monte, the BMW company's new SUV-like entry. We'll know it by its higher ground clearance and widened track, they say, along with a few grand's worth of a premium over the Clubman's sticker. It'll also sport BMW's Efficient Dynamics gear, including stop-start and power-saving components, like a system of larger battery and alternator that can disengage from the engine during acceleration. Expect to see one parked next to a jogging path near you by 2009. [AutoExpress]


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Al Navarro

Shouldn't that read "The Wynn buffet's crab leg station"?