What Was Your Narrowest Save?

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I feel like most of us have had at least one narrow save in our motoring careers. For a group of people that like exploring limits and taking risks, we also have to be trained and alert for when something goes wrong. Which, statistically, it will.


My narrowest save didn’t really have anything to do with my skill. It happened during my first track day event at Big Willow. I took a corner too aggressively without letting my tires warm up and before I knew it, I spun right off the track.

Luckily, there was no lasting damage. And my car didn’t flip over, although it certainly felt like it.


What was yours? I’m not limiting this to just cars on racetracks, either. These stories can be with motorcycles on streets and boats in the water. Basically, what was your narrowest, most butt-clenching “Oh, Shit That Was Almost Really Bad” save?

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