Image credit: Rat Race
Image credit: Rat Race
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Occasionally, we don’t have access to our car or our friend’s car, so we have to find alternative means of transportation across the face of this great earth of ours. And I don’t mean on a plane.

Take Jalopnik’s Engineer-In-Residence David Tracy, for example. David’s bus hell took place on a 12-hour standing-room only train in China, from Beijing to Xi’an. He and his friend couldn’t find an airport on the map. And they were cheap and figured “standing-room only” really just meant that they could sit on the floor.


This was not the case.

They had to stand in the aisle. They couldn’t sit because a woman came by with a cart every five minutes.

Those 12 hours were followed by a 27-hour sleeper train from Xi’an to Guilin, during which David’s nose kept bleeding and his friend got salmonella.

When they arrived, they learned that the airfare was the same price as their crappy train ticket. How’s that for a kick in the gut?


What was your worst train or bus ride?

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