What Was The Best Year For Cars?

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A lot of us car enthusiasts like to bitch and moan about modern cars. They don't have any character, we might say. They have too many electronic nannies. They look boring. They have numb steering, they're too big and too loaded down with features that take away from the act of driving. Things were better back in the day!

But it's no secret that today's cars are, as a whole, better than they've ever been. They're safer, faster, more efficient and better made than at any point in history. Still, many of us (me included) long for a simpler and purer time.

So when exactly were things better? That's our question this weekend: What was the best year for car production?


Every era has its strengths and weaknesses, but I'd like to see your take on the one year when you feel like cars, as a whole, were at their best. Maybe you'll pick a year from the overstyled, optimistic 1950s; maybe you'll say the monster-engined luxury cars from the 1930s; maybe you'll go with something from the era of honest-but-not-overdone performance in the 90s.

And after seeing the insane hybrid hypercars that came out at the Geneva Motor Show this year, I don't think anyone would blame you if you picked 2013. Go ahead and show us the best car year.


Photo credit twin-otter64