What Was The Best Model Year?

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More than 100 years of cars has meant a lot of win. But what was the best model year? And we don't just want a number. We want evidence.


We're going to go waaaaaay out on a limb here and knowingly welcome the wrath of the world by saying MY1986. Our proof? What's our favorite Audi? That would be a 1986 Audi Quattro. One of our all-time favorite Mercedes is the 1986 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3-16-Valve. You know our favorite Volvo is a 1986 Volvo 245, but what about American cars? Can you say 1986 Buick Grand National — the first available with intercooling? Favorite European-American hybrid car? Merkur XR4ti. High on our list of lovable Alfas is the Alfa Romeo GTV-6, also with a 1986 MY. First year for the Ford Taurus? Model Year 1986. Get out your Don Henley tapes and throw on your Don Johnson jacket. 1986 is where it is at.


Let the shit-storm begin.

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Rob Emslie


This was the year before most of the initial safety and emissions regulations started making cars safer, cleaner, and less fun. But it was also the beginning of major changes in automotive engineering- alternators replacing generators became more common, radial ply tires were available, reliable fuel injection began to appear in affordable cars, and the insurance companies had yet to establish a correlation between big-ass engines and claims payouts.

That year, the Mustang was awesome, the Camaro debuted, Ferrari sold the 275 GTB NART spider, Porsches were still air-cooled as Ferdinand and God intended, and Steve McQueen starred in Bullitt.

There were some downsides to '67: The six-day war, Elvis marrying Pricilla and, of course, the four-door T-bird.