"What The Wiki?" Update: We've Got A Page!

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Ok readers — we did a fantastic job. We got ourselves a page — and that is a significant improvement over where we were. And thanks to our one reader who with his zen-like Wiki-abilities single-handedly put the smack down on the playa-haters tryin' to keep us down. Isn't that totally what we would expect from "the Man?" Ok, but we're only half-way there — we've got a page and now we've gotta populate it with information — or else the demons running the Wikipedia will delete us again. Feel free to add whatever you'd like, but as always — keep it clean, no biting and definetly no hittin' the mommy-daddy button, k?


[Update: It appears our problem is we haven't appeared in the "traditional automotive press" — anyone have any instances out there we've been mentioned? I can think of the now-defunct mph, Yahoo! Autos and The Truth About Cars — anyone want to stand up for our honor?]

Jalopnik [Wikipedia]

What The Wiki? Jalopnik's Puttin' A Jihad On You [internal]

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