What The Wiki? Jalopnik's Puttin' A Jihad On You

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Ok, there are totally some tell-tale signs you're a rabid reader of Jalopnik. One of our girlfriends would use some big and doctor-y word like "symptoms" — like it's some kinda disease. Well, y'all know who you are. You're the ones at the auto companies showing up ten minutes late for work cause ya overslept yer alarm clocks after a night of booze, babes and blow. You're the funny kid in the back of class. You're the one ridin' low in a pimped out camino. You're more than likely 18-42 and in a demographic segment able to handle complex themes, multiple plot lines, have a higher level of cognitive engagement with your surroundings and...dude, what the hell was that? Anyway, y'all know who you are. Well readers — we here at Jalopnik have just received the interwebs version of a punkin' from the boys and girls inhabitin' the wonderful world of Wiki — and we need help from y'all. It's a task, an adventure, a quest...nay...a Jihad. More after the jump.

You see, a few months back — a reader and now current editor of Jalopnik began a Wiki page for the site. And you know, it was just a wee little Wiki page, and totally wasn't doin' no harm. But for some strange reason, when I checked out the page today, I found...nothing!

We've been deleted and from my limited knowledge and understanding of Wikipedia, we weren't quite up to their "standards" — whatever the hell those are.


So, here's the deal friends — we've created another page. A blank page. Just "Jalopnik" at the top — and we're askin' our much-more-tech-savvy-than-us readers to help populate the new page. So help us out and show your love to the Jalopnik. And this time we'll read the tutorial so this crap doesn't happen again. That is all.

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