What the? — is this Garmin's New Colorado 300 GPS Unit?

Illustration for article titled What the? — is this Garmins New Colorado 300 GPS Unit?

Apparently, this is the new Colorado (no, not that Colorado). Well, the picture says so, but we don't always believe in overly grainy pictures, especially when cameraphones nowadays can outperform many actual cameras. The Colorado 300 appears to be Garmin's latest, greatest and oddly shaped GPS unit. According to the leakee, the large round button on top does all of the control work. Another source says that it will be available in three versions: topography, inland lakes and coastal with all likely including city navigation software.

The form factor is pretty unique and looks very suitable for hand-usage, but if you could flip the sucker on its side to be used in a vehicle we would be much happier with a hybrid device like this. The rumored release date is spring 2008 with a price tag well above the $500 range. See, gadget hounds can have fun with spy photos as well. [Garmin Colorado via Gizmodo]

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