What The Hell Is Going On With This Real-Life Ghost Rider Motorcycle?

I know there’s a lot of development happening for autonomous cars, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s going on here. A black Harley with no rider cruising along down a long, lonely highway? That’s not science. That’s ghosts. G-g-g-ghosts.

This human-unencumbered motorcycle was spotted by a driver on I-35 near Belton, Texas. It’s not exactly clear where the Ghost Cycle thinks it’s going, or what it’s going to do when it gets there, but I suggest everyone in the area prepare yourselves, spiritually, for a loud visit from the Hog from the Other Side.


There’s a more boring and rational explanation for what’s going on on the YouTube description:

The rider wrecked the bike, which evidently ended up back on its wheels and still in gear. The rider was roughed up, but generally okay. The bike ended up running for about 2 miles before hitting a temporary road sign and finally falling over.


I guess that could be true. I guess the bike could be sort of balancing itself against the concrete divider there, sure. But I really think this seems more like a ghost hell-bent on vengeance. Or possibly a nudist chemist biker who had some success with invisibility creams.

(thanks, Steve!)

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