What The Hell Is Going On At Ford?

Photo: Mike Levin/Jason Torchinsky
Photo: Mike Levin/Jason Torchinsky

Monday mornings suck. The only thing that makes returning to work mildly tolerable is sweet, life-sustaining coffee. However, corporate employees at Ford were forced to ask “what fresh new hell is this?” when their coffee failed to deliver its much needed jolt this morning. Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike Levine soon figured out the problem and says he’s now banned someone from their coffee maker after finding a bunch of soggy whole beans in there.

In case you came from a strict home where caffeine is banned, you have to grind those beans first to make any coffee out of them. Otherwise, you’re just getting mildly coffee-tinged water, and you might as well have used a Keurig at that point.


To be fair, I’ve also had moments where I’m too tired to get all the steps of making coffee right, especially when I come back to the coffee maker 10 minutes later and realize I didn’t put water in there. But I don’t have a whole office expecting to share my pot, either. Next time, wave someone over to help if you’re too tired to function.

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Meh, coffee is overrated anyways. I haven’t touched that stuff in years and I have no need to. Water + willpower is all I need to get going in the morning.