Maybe No One Will Notice

Photo credit: Porsche, we’re told
Photo credit: Porsche, we’re told

Sure, the livery on this Porsche Cayenne safety car for the Virgin Australian Supercars Championship looks like a glaring, embarrassing typo. But it could be the best marketing tactic around. If there are no other “saftey” cars out there, yours is certainly the best.

Or maybe they were just hoping no one would notice.

We’ll go ahead and disclose that we at Jalopnik didn’t receive the original press release that apparently had this spelling error, but Motor Magazine, Wtf1 and the Drive cited tweets and press releases as featuring this lovely photo. In addition, a Twitter user responded to the original Supercars tweet a few days ago to let the series know that “safety car” was spelled wrong.


The photo that appears above is no longer in the Supercars press release, and Porsche’s switched the photo in its press release to show the Cayenne with “safety” spelled correctly on its door.

It’s almost hard to believe that this is real, though, because think about it: this had to go through a designer, the folks who adhere the livery, the photographer, the people who wrote the press release and the social-media managers. And somehow, it still got sent out. Yikes. Spelling is important, everyone.

But hey, everybody makes typos. It happens. (That’s just good ground to cover when you write things for a living.)

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