These Are Porsche’s Picks For Its Rarest Factory Models

Image via Porsche on YouTube
Image via Porsche on YouTube

You, like many others, probably spend a lot of time drooling over Porsches—new Porsches, old Porsches, rare Porsches, modified Porsches and the whole lot of them. If that’s true, you may also have an idea of which ones are the hardest to get your hands on. These are Porsche’s picks for that title.


This recent Porsche video counts down the manufacturer’s choices for its top-five rarest factory models, straight from the company’s historical archives. We won’t ruin the videofor you, but the top model on Porsche’s rundown has an original list price of $4,600. If only time machines existed, right?

The video gives an informative, quick rundown of each of the models and their respective production counts, as well as what lands them on this list. So, next time your friends tell you that the likely un-drivable flower planter of a Porsche 914 is “totally the rarest because ‘Queen Bey’ sat on it,” just show them this.

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Funny how people don’t complain about fried egg headlights on a GT1. hypocrites.