What Survival Equipment Do You Need For Driving In Remote/Rugged Areas?

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Some people are content to drive into the desert in a rented Impala with nothing more than a few cans of PBR. There should be a simple checklist of what everyone should bring into the wilderness to keep that kind of thing from happening.


Everyone has a phone with GPS these days, and you should have jumper cables, a spare tire, and a jack in your car already. To face Mother Nature, bring extra food, water and extra gas in case you get lost and have to spend more time out there than planned.


What kind of equipment should everyone bring when driving off the beaten path?

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One of these.

You'll need the appropriate ammo as well.

Yeah, you need tools and water and fuel and a first aid kit and so on. But a gun is a tool for protection from crazy people with Russian mail order brides in the desert and large, angry animals that want to eat you. It's also good for getting yourself some dinner. And with those tools you have, you can use a couple pliers to pull a round out of a casing and use the propellant to start a fire.

I mean, after all, the question is "What SURVIVAL Equipment Do You Need For Driving In Remote/Rugged Areas?" Survival equipment isn't necessarily tools and such. If you're in a survival situation then you are at a point where the problem is so extreme that the tools are useless anymore. Otherwise, you'd get the rig fixed and get out of the desert, negating the need for survival equipment.