What Should The Final Zonda Be Like?

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Pagani makes the Huayra now, but that hasn't stopped them from making a few Zondas every now and again. They keep getting more extreme as the car enters its zombie second life. What do you want out of the final one?


Somethingwittyer came up with the question while we were gawking at the $2.9 million Zonda Revolucion, complete with what appears to be the transmission and active aero tech fromt he Huayra.


Seriously, this is starting to be entertaining. I wonder what the next "final" Zonda will be like? Because I can honestly see AMG making the worlds powerful NA engine in a road car if this keeps on going.

Will Pagani ever stop making Zondas? Will it be 3438 and the Great Plutonian Outpost Colony will have a Pagani factory within the non-planet's Terraformed Population Bubble churning out a Zonda every century? Will it be 2030 and a 3,000 horsepower stretched Zonda limo? What will the final Zonda be like?

Photo Credit: Pagani

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Victorious Secret

They won't stop making final Zondas because they have realized just how much everyone loves that car, and just how much they love that car.

I love the Zonda R, it just seems so right.

And if Mercedes is given incentive to continue producing naturally aspirated M120s that hunt down blown V12s in the power department by all means let them continue with their madness.

I won't complain.