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What Should Have Been A Car Trend But Wasn't?

Illustration for article titled What Should Have Been A Car Trend But Wasnt?

Car styling and design trends come and go with the same ruthless abandon as fashion trends or maybe a swarm of starlings. Still, for every Bosozuku or Donk or Stanced or whatever car, there's many possible trends that never made it. Which one should have?


I've always thought that some trend centered around colored tires should have been a thing. Those tires have been available for a while now, they look dramatically different from what we're used to, and if you burn rubber in them you can get novel-colored clouds of smoke.


Also, I realize now that this is the second day in a row I've advocated for colored clouds of things, so maybe it's time I seek some professional help, or consult my clergyperson.

Anyway, what do you think should have become a car trend?

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Jonathan Harper

Exhaust whistles!! THE WHISTLE GOES WOO WOO!!!

can I get a WOOO WOOOOOO???