What’s Your Dream Engine Swap Scenario?

Last week, I got a hugely positive response to the Found Around Town feature from last weekend on the '68 Rolls-Royce with a Chevy 350 V8. Most of you folks were all for putting an American V8 into an old-school British luxobarge if that's what it takes to keep it on the road.

That leads me to my question for you guys: If you had an unlimited amount of money and could put any engine into any car, what would you do?


Years ago, my dad had an E39 BMW 5-Series. Not an M5 or anything, but it was an excellent car. Anyway, when he had the car he was a big fan of the now-defunct BMW-Williams Formula One team, and he said that if he could, he'd put the 3.0-liter V10 from the F1 car into his 528i. A good-handling, attractive German sedan with a 19,000-RPM redline? It may be unfeasible, but it sure is nice to dream about.

But insane engine swaps aren't just the stuff of fantasy. My favorite real one is probably this: the Toyota GT-86 with the 5.0-liter V8 from the Lexus IS-F. As we saw back in March, that engine turns the spry little sports car into a sick, snarling, fire breathing demon that's out to put a jihad on the tire industry. Brap-brap-braaaaap!

Okay, your turn. What's the ultimate engine swap scenario in your mind?

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Le Monstre

I'm going to take the high road on this, and go with a Cosworth Vega engine in either an Opel GT, or an 88 Fiero. You may laugh at it's puny 110HP, or the fact it's a 4 cyinder, but before it was Malaise'd, it was reported to make 180HP happily, and can be pushed north of 240HP before the block splits in half at about 270HP. But considering 180HP is more then twice as much as the Opel made, and 50 more then the Fiero with a cast Iron V6 in it made (Cosworth engine was an aluminum block and head), your already ahead of the game. A light car with a light and powerful engine able to scream to 8500RPM, what's not to love?