The Toyota GT-86 or Scion FRS as it will be known over here, is the lightweight driver's car that proves Toyota can build a car that avoids the beige. Amidst concerns from some regarding the car's 200 horsepower output it appears someone has already devised a perfect way to put concerns about power in the car to rest.


Instead of a Subaru built four cylinder boxer engine underneath the hood of this race is a 5.0 liter V8 from a Lexus IS-F. The result is a car that was literally built to drift. This car was constructed for driver Manabu "MAX" Orido who will pilot this monster at this year's Japanese D1 Grand Prix. While it's shown here being tested it certainly looks and sounds like the car is ready to race.

We applaud and appreciate Toyota's efforts to produce a lightweight sports car built with the driver in mind and we absolutely can't wait to drive one in stock form. Having said that, we'd really really appreciate it if they brought the FRS to America with the IS-F's 416 horsepower V8 stuffed under the hood.

Hat tip to Bill!
[via LexusForums]

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